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Teamwork. Loyalty. Integrity. Respect. Community.

What do those words mean to you?

To us, they demonstrate our commitment to our growing PC Gaming Community's ideals.

We are more than just a team. We are a community of capable, dedicated and passionate gamers who enjoy meeting like-minds. Founded in Spring of 2020, BFG has expanded into more than 15 PC games spanning multiple genres. We have multiple BFG clan servers in a variety of games the members of our community are interested in.

As we grow alongside our fellow team members, we will continue to provide a place where all players - from casual to professional - can come together and work toward mutual objectives.

Our roots are humble. Many BFG members came from our former Call of Duty Clan: 31stSquad. From 2007 on, 31stSquad public CoD servers were the most active in the game, and 31st's clan forums grew immense. We expanded into other games, and built a large community around our shared love of team-based multiplayer games. Former |31st| members are always welcome here.

Let's chat!
We look forward to speaking with you! Please contact our team via !

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