Board Rules
1. Do not engage in any harassment or hateful conduct, including: discrimination, hate speech, bullying, or targeted attacks.

2. Do not post material you don't own or have permission to repost.

3. Do not engage in illegal activity.

4. Do not impersonate other users or otherwise attempt to defraud the members or staff.

5. Spammers and scammers not welcome.

6. Sexual content and nudity can only be posted in the unmoderated member's only forum, and must comply with all applicable laws.

7. You may not take any action that harms others or is deemed by the forum staff to be malicious in nature.

8. Do not share private information, engage in the practice known as "doxing" or otherwise violate the privacy rights of others.

9. Do not share commercial links without disclosing your relationship with the product or brand, or advertise for sites not contextually relevant to this site's stated goal and intent. This does not apply to member-owned personal websites, which we encourage you to share.

10. Do not attempt to circumvent the security features of the website, or engage in hacking, profiling, credential harvesting, spoofing, forging, cross site scripting, cross site forgery, impersonation or any other electronic act contrary to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.
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