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Latest changes by Valve point to a big new CSGO update
Sooo needed!!!:thumbup:
10-23-2020 at 05:17 PM
by: CarrierZ
New here.
[rquote=9522&tid=1537&author=Saurian!]how can I share a post in here[/rquote]

You can pos ...
10-22-2020 at 07:02 PM
by: CarrierZ
SecretLab Chair
Duuuude that is ridiculously awesome :smilegrin:

So you get a chair skin in game with the actual ...
10-22-2020 at 06:58 PM
by: CarrierZ
Clickable names! Nice
Oooo its red now too :smilegrin: Didn't realize it was click-able
10-22-2020 at 06:57 PM
by: CarrierZ
NEw Surefire Light
Are you afraid of the dark? ;):)
10-22-2020 at 06:56 PM
by: CarrierZ
LOL Please watch
10-22-2020 at 06:55 PM
by: CarrierZ
Selling Level 95 Ranger
Poachers. lol
10-12-2020 at 11:48 PM
by: CarrierZ
PSVR Is Backwards Compatible With PS5 ...
10-12-2020 at 10:57 PM
by: CarrierZ
CSGO practice maps and workshop maps
Thanks for sharing, practice maps help CSGO players build skill :thumbup:
10-10-2020 at 03:58 AM
by: CarrierZ
Zombie Reloaded
[rquote=8801&tid=964&author=Gh0st]It's not real zombies. Just play a zombie fps. It's just s ...
10-10-2020 at 03:56 AM
by: CarrierZ
The AWP changed. It still sucks.
Is anyone ever happy with the AWP? It seems it gets crapped on no matter what they do with it :tease ...
10-10-2020 at 03:55 AM
by: CarrierZ
Lucky shot goes viral
Totally pro move :cool::thumbup:
10-10-2020 at 03:54 AM
by: CarrierZ
Pavlov VR New CS
**Moved to CSGO** :smilegrin:
10-10-2020 at 03:54 AM
by: CarrierZ
This week in Gears 5
The gate keepers :love:
10-9-2020 at 03:44 AM
by: CarrierZ
Crazy road rage
[rquote=8245&tid=758&author=VAULTDWELLER]Witaf? :thumbdown:

Not cool, my heart's pounding ...
10-9-2020 at 03:43 AM
by: CarrierZ
Selling Level 95 Ranger
[rquote=9128&tid=865&author=eXotic]Another Ranger for sale, Level 75.. or trade, for a 99 Ma ...
10-9-2020 at 03:42 AM
by: CarrierZ
Pavlov VR New CS
Anybody up to play?:)

Got this working thanks to youtube
10-7-2020 at 08:23 PM
by: CarrierZ
Play Among Us in CSGO
Them poor little guys :lmao:
10-7-2020 at 08:20 PM
by: CarrierZ
Half life remake Guard Duty getting closer Summer update
Great :)👌
10-7-2020 at 08:19 PM
by: CarrierZ
September 2020 MOTM - enclaveJOSH
You totally deserve it EJ! Well done buddy :)
10-2-2020 at 03:11 AM
by: CarrierZ
G.U.N. Skin Bundle Offers 1960ís Sci-Fi Style Guns
Sweet! I am so down with classic sci-fi :alien::slurp:
10-2-2020 at 03:09 AM
by: CarrierZ
The Last Of Us Part II Tops Monthly Sales Charts
It is pretty awesome, and pandemic boredness helped probably :)
9-29-2020 at 07:46 PM
by: CarrierZ
Closed b/c politics :)
9-29-2020 at 07:44 PM
by: CarrierZ
Finding purple shields
Can anyone please tell me how or where you find purple shuelds? I thought it should be in high tier ...
9-29-2020 at 01:41 AM
by: CarrierZ
FREE - Zombie Panic! Source
[rquote=4108&tid=177&author=MrMorpheus][rquote=4052&tid=177&author=CarrierZ]Anybody ...
9-29-2020 at 01:39 AM
by: CarrierZ
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