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1/14/21 at 10:03 AM
by: LaZeR
Feb 2nd - GTA 5 storyline stream
rock on cant wait
1/14/21 at 10:02 AM
by: LaZeR
99 ranger? 1-99 guide
[rquote=12903&tid=1802&author=Virtus]mage killer :([/rquote]

that's the point..killed by ...
1/7/21 at 05:26 PM
by: LaZeR
[FREE] Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force Holomatch - 20th Anniversary Re-release
no kano only #1
1/3/21 at 10:21 PM
by: LaZeR
Exclusive video of hitman 3's first mission
1/3/21 at 10:20 PM
by: LaZeR
last of us pt II makes GOTY #1 !!
1/3/21 at 10:19 PM
by: LaZeR
NYE plans
not trying to get the rona

Prob will just stay here, smoke and drink
12/31/20 at 08:49 PM
by: LaZeR
Least favorite Eternal enemy?

because there so sneaky and can hurt you bad if you dont watch it
12/28/20 at 05:06 AM
by: LaZeR
PS for free
its not online no more

thats why it wont load in

still works 100%
12/28/20 at 04:59 AM
by: LaZeR
dutch beats reality every time
[img][/img] this one :roll:
12/28/20 at 04:56 AM
by: LaZeR
sustainable electric grid
idk guys wtf b/c its cool thats why
12/28/20 at 04:53 AM
by: LaZeR
Alien isolation free today on Epic Games Store
thanks 'purchased it' but maybe will install ill see
12/21/20 at 11:41 PM
by: LaZeR
Raze Hell content coming!!
nice XD
12/21/20 at 11:40 PM
by: LaZeR
DOOM Eternal Doom Slayer Nendoroid
haha actually kinda cool XD
12/21/20 at 11:40 PM
by: LaZeR
All Bosses of DOOM (1993 - 2020)
there all looked so bad in the olders
12/21/20 at 11:39 PM
by: LaZeR
Doom Eternal's notorious Marauder was hiding in Quake this whole time?
weres his dumb lil pet gimp
12/21/20 at 11:38 PM
by: LaZeR
dutch beats reality every time
follow him right off a cliff

NOPE on out of there
12/21/20 at 11:36 PM
by: LaZeR
Nearly 1/2 don't finish red dead 2
church in strawberry

fkers killing the crew like that fuck dutch
12/21/20 at 11:35 PM
by: LaZeR
Boss Battle w/Khan Makyr
12/21/20 at 11:35 PM
by: LaZeR
Apex Legends entire squad vs me

pop that punta
12/21/20 at 11:34 PM
by: LaZeR
Gears 5: Hivebusters Review A Quick Blast Of Mayhem
yeeyee :poo:
12/21/20 at 11:33 PM
by: LaZeR
[rquote=12302&tid=1866&author=cuckerby]"haha shoulda put that in here ;) https://www.bigfish ...
12/21/20 at 11:33 PM
by: LaZeR
GTA Online DLC Will Offer A More "Singleplayer Element" In The Future
12/21/20 at 11:31 PM
by: LaZeR
Favorite mission
haha yo this post got huge
12/18/20 at 08:40 PM
by: LaZeR
need some teamers
anyone on cod lmk

[Edited on 12-19-2020 by LaZeR]
12/18/20 at 08:39 PM
by: LaZeR
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