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Public Rust Server
Know when the reboot is coming dweller?
1/18/21 at 03:19 PM
by: ZombieMedic
Bigfish Gaming Discord once again
Ok :blush:

Can we use it for GTAO :D
1/18/21 at 03:17 PM
by: ZombieMedic
The Elder Scrolls Netflix Series Is The Latest TV Adaptation
[rquote=13462&tid=2093&author=BuzzKillingston]That could be good

I also always thought ho ...
1/13/21 at 09:57 PM
by: ZombieMedic
CS server stats?
I'm working on my own ZR CS server and am just curious how much RAM is needed, the processor, speed ...
1/13/21 at 09:56 PM
by: ZombieMedic
[rquote=13472&tid=2000&author=Nihilanth]Same with me ZombieMedic :$[/rquote]

I know :) bu ...
1/13/21 at 09:55 PM
by: ZombieMedic
Dude I freaking love photoshop cafe :blush:

1/11/21 at 04:25 AM
by: ZombieMedic
Wish I could help here :blush:

But, I would say try w3 schools tutorials, or maybe even tutorials ...
1/11/21 at 04:14 AM
by: ZombieMedic
Rust Raiding Cheatsheet

How exactly does one turn from humbled survivor into raiding rambo anyhow?
1/11/21 at 04:13 AM
by: ZombieMedic
99 ranger? 1-99 guide
Meh. These days I'm more into attack and def or pure building :smilegrin:
1/8/21 at 07:31 PM
by: ZombieMedic
Bright Blue UFO crashes in Hawaii
Said it is a cigar shaped something today on USA today. Ehhhh
1/6/21 at 07:58 PM
by: ZombieMedic
Pavlov VR Review
1/6/21 at 07:55 PM
by: ZombieMedic
star of black panther dead?
1/6/21 at 02:20 AM
by: ZombieMedic
December MOTM Is Twisted Gaming (Kody)
Sweet man good pick on this one
1/6/21 at 02:19 AM
by: ZombieMedic
need some teamers
Not nice these are some of the best games ever made
1/6/21 at 02:18 AM
by: ZombieMedic
HL Blue Shift Teaser
Man this has me on a HLBS kick lol badly want to play Guard Duty now
1/6/21 at 02:16 AM
by: ZombieMedic
White spring venders
Sweet man it sucks they're all moving closer to the purveyor these days. Been on a HLBS kick lately ...
1/6/21 at 02:15 AM
by: ZombieMedic
737-800 KLAX to KLAS (LIVE)
Omg man...plop! :rofl:
1/2/21 at 07:28 AM
by: ZombieMedic
Will be streaming tonight!!
Everyone was all crapped up today..too much booze lol
1/2/21 at 07:26 AM
by: ZombieMedic
Bigfish-gaming streaming???
Uber good idea :)
1/2/21 at 07:24 AM
by: ZombieMedic
2020 most popular games this year
FO76 would be there if it was Steam. But this is great and can even show the clan if we're barking u ...
1/2/21 at 07:23 AM
by: ZombieMedic
Pavlov VR Review
[rquote=11619&tid=1641&author=Nihilanth]We need to have a scrimmage game soon :)[/rquote] Ye ...
1/2/21 at 07:21 AM
by: ZombieMedic
Zombie Reloaded
For certain vel, reloaded is 10 years newer and way, way better.
1/2/21 at 07:19 AM
by: ZombieMedic
More cyberpunk 2077 legal news
That sucks!!

Its a person from the team who is suing the others I guess
12/31/20 at 07:34 PM
by: ZombieMedic
Exclusive video of hitman 3's first mission
Gameinformer always has this kind of material. So awesome dudes haven't been excited for a game sinc ...
12/31/20 at 07:33 PM
by: ZombieMedic
Broken Fang week 4
[rquote=12924&tid=2027&author=SCIFzombie]Nice I run these nonstop as you probably thought :r ...
12/31/20 at 07:32 PM
by: ZombieMedic
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