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He left
3/27/21 at 08:28 AM by artemis
Para-Con 2021
[rquote=15693&tid=2341&author=Link]makes you think of comiccon[/rquote]

I wanna go so bad :(
To ...
3/27/21 at 08:23 AM by artemis
Para-Con 2021

hey I totally know who that is  :O

PLEASE pass along my appreciation for them ...
3/27/21 at 08:22 AM by artemis
Dozens Of Rust Servers Wiped Out In Data Center Fire
Definitely will recover from this
They had new servers day 0
3/27/21 at 08:19 AM by artemis
HL death match... bounce ... tonight
3/13/21 at 10:13 PM by artemis
simpsons reference venture bros
I so love the simpsons :D

Never knew the rick and morty part but TBH they've done a few with refere ...
3/12/21 at 07:28 PM by artemis
SM rec
Pls vote :D
3/12/21 at 07:27 PM by artemis
Favorite SM Addon POLL
Whats your favorite sourcemod addon choice, from the other topic.
3/12/21 at 07:26 PM by artemis
SM rec
3/12/21 at 07:24 PM by artemis
apex or rust
what do you have against legends anyhow >_<
3/12/21 at 07:23 PM by artemis
CoD Mobile gamer kills another
3/6/21 at 03:37 PM by artemis
3/6/21 at 03:05 PM by artemis
LSPDFR on gtx 2080
3/6/21 at 03:07 AM by artemis
Post your favorite crypto
[rquote=15031&tid=2292&author=wastelander]good thing none of us invested out life saving into this l ...
3/6/21 at 03:05 AM by artemis
I get to do one...Feb 2021 member OTM
solid choice guys :cheers: :cheers:
3/1/21 at 06:27 PM by artemis
BiGFiSH GAMiNG 2.0 Operational (bug reports, please!)
awwh yeah!
2/28/21 at 12:19 AM by artemis
BiGFiSH GAMiNG 2.0 Operational (bug reports, please!)
2/28/21 at 12:19 AM by artemis
Crazy military video
heinously scary 😲
2/28/21 at 12:18 AM by artemis
Non-space pic of S-4
i agree it does a51
2/28/21 at 12:06 AM by artemis
Contagion VR: Outbreak
[rquote=14390&tid=519&author=Area51][rquote=3376&tid=519&author=ZombieMedic]https://store.steampower ...
2/20/21 at 05:15 PM by artemis
Top-ranked Valorant pro banned for cheating
man blazey that sucks hard when icons of the community go rogue
2/20/21 at 05:12 PM by artemis
Can't join any java server
sounds like your runtime is corrupt

did you shut off while updating or something?

try to reinstall ...
2/15/21 at 10:51 PM by artemis
BiGFiSH GAMiNG 2.0 Operational (bug reports, please!)
yes for sure cappy :P
2/15/21 at 10:50 PM by artemis
Raid area 51 on this map
seriously what a good time to set this up and make a new host!!
2/15/21 at 10:47 PM by artemis
Pigs able to identify games
haha what the shit :pinch:
2/13/21 at 10:26 PM by artemis
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