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Tournament Anyone?
would be cool but i didnt play this for a while now
1/4/21 at 04:04 AM
by: dZ ntZ
Happy New Year!
happy new year man
1/3/21 at 02:06 AM
by: dZ ntZ
Can't join any java server
Failed to connect to server...any ideas??
1/3/21 at 01:59 AM
by: dZ ntZ
Gaming content in 2020
thanx n 2021*

[Edited on 1-3-2021 by dZ ntZ]
1/3/21 at 01:49 AM
by: dZ ntZ
(syke)Cyberpunk 2077 Is Reimagined For The PS1
what game lol
1/3/21 at 01:48 AM
by: dZ ntZ
star of black panther dead?
he died of colon cancer wow
1/3/21 at 01:47 AM
by: dZ ntZ
Smurfing issues and possible solutions
shit happens all the time on valorant and csgo
1/3/21 at 01:42 AM
by: dZ ntZ
massive leak of new character skins
check it !
1/1/21 at 05:30 PM
by: dZ ntZ
kinda old skool
12/25/20 at 03:26 AM
by: dZ ntZ
Have a safe holiday.
see ya!
12/24/20 at 10:11 PM
by: dZ ntZ
Final Day 12 Xmas Event Challenge
yay merry christmas eve
12/24/20 at 10:10 PM
by: dZ ntZ
Set me free

does anyone like their new stuff
12/23/20 at 12:02 AM
by: dZ ntZ
Agent 14
[quote]With ‘sneaking’ and ‘lurking’ as its main strength, Agent 14 can push new gameplay into VALOR ...
12/23/20 at 12:01 AM
by: dZ ntZ
12 Days of Christmas - Day 8
i think my fb is fucked up

[quote]"The content you requested cannot be displayed right now. It ...
12/20/20 at 11:39 PM
by: dZ ntZ
Gears 5: Hivebusters Review – A Quick Blast Of Mayhem
this is legit all i play now lol
12/20/20 at 11:37 PM
by: dZ ntZ
Day 4 Of Xmas Event Giveaway
whats the numbers mean
12/16/20 at 11:53 PM
by: dZ ntZ
New Launches
12/15/20 at 12:04 AM
by: dZ ntZ
New character Skye revealed for early release
[rquote=11331&tid=1550&author=enclaveJOSH]basically she can discover enemies and heal your t ...
12/15/20 at 12:03 AM
by: dZ ntZ
12/15/20 at 12:03 AM
by: dZ ntZ
Least favorite Eternal enemy?
Other - Maurader
12/15/20 at 12:02 AM
by: dZ ntZ
12 Days Of Xmas Has Begun! Day 1 HERE

im here toooo:tease::tease::tease::teas ...
12/13/20 at 07:21 PM
by: dZ ntZ
Cayo Perico Heist DLC ...
12/12/20 at 02:03 PM
by: dZ ntZ
Bill and Ted Face the Music
been 30 year ssince the original came out

12/12/20 at 02:01 PM
by: dZ ntZ
As above so below!
saw them and hollywood undead and of mice and men live on tour ...this songs badass!
12/12/20 at 02:00 PM
by: dZ ntZ
Gemini’s meteor shower

Who else goin??
12/12/20 at 02:26 AM
by: dZ ntZ
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