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BFG 2.0 is on the way!
Really I am just floored by the design. Its modern, sleek and the phone/tablet version is everything ...
1/15/21 at 06:37 PM
by: v3l0c1ty
Terms & Conditions Updated (1/14/21)
[rquote=13530&tid=2143&author=WhiteOwl]to long to read lol[/rquote]

Not really, nice to k ...
1/15/21 at 06:36 PM
by: v3l0c1ty
the post new button!
[rquote=13294&tid=2112&author=qUiCkSiLvEr]testing it :smilegrin::smilegrin:

works great : ...
1/15/21 at 06:32 PM
by: v3l0c1ty
PS for free
[rquote=13491&tid=2035&author=CarrierZ]Yessss because no other way of getting it ;) ;)

To ...
1/15/21 at 06:30 PM
by: v3l0c1ty
Raid area 51 on this map
I remember this from when it was just newly made. Lots of progress
1/15/21 at 06:28 PM
by: v3l0c1ty
Trap bases
Well its not a novel concept but no need to be crass
1/15/21 at 06:28 PM
by: v3l0c1ty
Dogs gone wild
I woke up to them eating leftover steak from the trashcan :(
1/8/21 at 01:39 PM
by: v3l0c1ty
December MOTM Is Twisted Gaming (Kody)
Well done Kody :starry:
1/5/21 at 07:47 PM
by: v3l0c1ty
Mudboggers :tease:

Flame away
1/5/21 at 07:46 PM
by: v3l0c1ty
What is at the Papoose Lake

Weird! You can see the little lines ...
1/5/21 at 07:45 PM
by: v3l0c1ty
FSelite & Dave Is Live Now
OK-who crashed it LOL
1/5/21 at 07:44 PM
by: v3l0c1ty
Signal detected in Proxima Centauri
[rquote=12457&tid=1991&author=Area51]Interesting [/rquote]

Or crappy I hate the waiting g ...
12/26/20 at 08:47 AM
by: v3l0c1ty
Look how many likes this has :starhit:
The community cares
12/26/20 at 08:38 AM
by: v3l0c1ty
The People Who Roleplay As Cops In Grand Theft Auto
[rquote=10818&tid=1687&author=Big Wiz]... "Are the finest the gaming world has to offer" :sm ...
12/26/20 at 08:30 AM
by: v3l0c1ty
LSPDFR on gtx 2080
[rquote=12275&tid=919&author=termin]I will be curious to see if on a 3080/3090 or Similar.[/ ...
12/26/20 at 08:28 AM
by: v3l0c1ty
Cyberpunk 2077 Save Files Larger Than 8 MB Could Become Corrupted
Doesn't sound that big...?
12/26/20 at 08:26 AM
by: v3l0c1ty
Gift Wrap and Tear event
Classic ;)
12/21/20 at 08:15 PM
by: v3l0c1ty
GTA Online DLC Will Offer A More "Singleplayer Element" In The Future ...
12/21/20 at 08:10 PM
by: v3l0c1ty
What is at the Papoose Lake
[rquote=12300&tid=1875&author=Bufftats]what you think: ...
12/21/20 at 08:08 PM
by: v3l0c1ty
Doom Ancient Gods soundtrack teaser
[rquote=12531&tid=1577&author=Tikiloau]I dunno about ancient gods dlc but the original game ...
12/21/20 at 08:07 PM
by: v3l0c1ty
Signal detected in Proxima Centauri
Hmm. Have to see if this is "it"
12/20/20 at 02:21 AM
by: v3l0c1ty
Nearly 1/2 don't finish red dead 2
Arturo? Arthur. Close.

I bet that's why/.
12/20/20 at 02:20 AM
by: v3l0c1ty
[rquote=12397&tid=1620&author=wastelander]he sucks but his spirit pet is worst [/rquote]

12/20/20 at 02:19 AM
by: v3l0c1ty
BFG GTA V style image
[rquote=12163&tid=331&author=MrMorpheus]Man, its be hilarious to do a pineapple Express post ...
12/20/20 at 02:18 AM
by: v3l0c1ty
BFG GTA V style image
[rquote=11348&tid=331&author=wastelander]just set you guys as my phones background lol[/rquo ...
12/20/20 at 02:17 AM
by: v3l0c1ty
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