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swat 4 - a drug raid
[rquote=13062&tid=2002&author=WhiteOwl][rquote=12909&tid=2002&author=Gh0st][rquote=1 ...
1/1/21 at 07:07 PM
by: violentnight
is damage scaled
not for me
1/1/21 at 07:00 PM
by: violentnight
Bigfish-gaming streaming???
what size vid will you allow
12/29/20 at 12:34 AM
by: violentnight
cant wait to see it
12/29/20 at 12:33 AM
by: violentnight
Rec for the source servers
cs:s admins will appreciate the effort

how much does admin cost on cs:s
12/29/20 at 12:32 AM
by: violentnight
Should I trust the bos?
[rquote=12655&tid=1985&author=FortDefianceCmdr]Yes! :bos: = honorable

Like NV, go for it[ ...
12/29/20 at 12:30 AM
by: violentnight
Fallout 4 New Vegas
ugh i can bet XD
12/29/20 at 12:29 AM
by: violentnight
Post your fav seed
Copy n paste penis several times (6)?
12/21/20 at 03:36 AM
by: violentnight
is every jump even possible...?
Sure if they werent then you couldnt ever finish. So that would not make any sense.
12/21/20 at 03:30 AM
by: violentnight
Least favorite Eternal enemy?
The Barons for sure
12/21/20 at 03:29 AM
by: violentnight
kinda old skool
*not a hater

[Edited on 12-21-2020 by violentnight]
12/21/20 at 03:22 AM
by: violentnight
Steel Dawn's early release! Loving the vault atrium
So much fun but takes oh so much bldg mats :( :(

Wish contractor helped more....
12/21/20 at 03:22 AM
by: violentnight


Just gonna leave this here
12/21/20 at 03:21 AM
by: violentnight
fk the patrol helicopter
[rquote=11950&tid=1773&author=chairman]you sure you cant shoot it down?[/rquote]

no you c ...
12/13/20 at 12:54 AM
by: violentnight
What is at the Papoose Lake
i kno its a paranormal theme


60-40 for.... not bad
12/13/20 at 12:53 AM
by: violentnight
buying more 50/5mm @ 1ea
11/21/20 at 05:34 PM
by: violentnight
Buying: 'Plan: Sheepsquatch staff'
club and staff plans going for 1k caps/plan

11/10/20 at 06:14 PM
by: violentnight
Buying all 556/45/50/5mm
1 cap/round

11/10/20 at 06:13 PM
by: violentnight

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