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posted on 6/6/20 at 03:40 PM

Apparently this is an issue...hacked weapons such as .50 with energy damage. Hopefully bethesda finds a way to remove these glitched weapons.


Hacked items are getting passed around on pc like candy and even left in public places like train stations for anyone to snatch up. They are showing up in events with increasing and alarming frequency. It's well past the point of needing to be addressed. The glitched/hacked weapons should be easy to remove. Protip: legendary alien blasters can't exist normally. .50 cals with energy damage are not a thing. weapons that shoot scorchbeast scream attacks or orbital strikes at high rof should not exist. Legendary power armor other than strangler heart set effect is not a thing. Legendary rings are not a thing. weapons that are comprised of components from OTHER weapons are not a thing. Weapons from Nuclear Winter mode should not be in adventure mode. This isn't rocket science. A script that checks for items that are not actually possible can run on every player when they log in, log the offense and delete the items. That or a script that evaluates the saved character inventories so it can run in the background and doesn't even require players to log in. The items are becoming so common that banning everyone with one is a bad call so imo: Announce you are going to do this in advance in an itv and give all players a chance to delete their bullshit themselves via their local neighborhood legendary scrip machine. After fair warning: up to 5 items - items are deleted and a WARNING is sent that must be agreed to before these players are allowed to log back in. Acquiring any more of these hacked items will lead to the next level below over 5 items but less than 20 or already have 1 strike from above - items are deleted and a 1 week ban. A warning is sent and must be agreed to before playing again that future offenses lead to the next level below over 20 items or already have 2 strikes from above - 2 month hardware id ban over 50 items - permanent hardware id ban and legal prosecution - send a message to the hackers to find something else to focus their attention on. [edit - yeah prosecution is probably overkill, lol but at the least hardware id bans for the worst perpetrators that are creating and distributing the hacked items would be justified] I love this game and want it to last but I don't see much of a future on PC unless these issues are addressed.

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posted on 6/6/20 at 09:40 PM

Lol oh jeeze, should have known idiots would figure out a way to glitch the app made by glitchers :P

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posted on 6/6/20 at 11:06 PM

Hopefully they can find a way to clear up glitched items like how Runescape does periodically.

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