10 Things You Didn't Know About The Molemen

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Looking to learn more about this odd Mole Miners from 'Fallout 76'? Here's 10 things about the Molemen you probably didn't know!

New enemies were added to the series with the release of Fallout 76, including the mole miners. Because this is the first game in the series to include them, not a lot might be known about these enemies. With a little exploration through the game, more and more can be learned about these curious creatures.

10. They Were Once Human

Mole Miners were once humans who are now trapped inside of their mining suits. This is similar to the Ghost People who can be found in the Dead Money DLC for Fallout: New Vegas, who were also trapped in their suits and mutated into new creatures.

Despite once being humans, Mole Miners are now hunched over and live mostly underground. After years of mutation and other factors, the creatures went from humans to what they currently are in the game.

9. Domesticated Mole Rats

Mole rats can be found in the game and are usually hostile to any player who runs across them. The Mole Miners were able to domesticate mole rats and use them to attack enemies. Mole Miners also use mole rats as mobile landmines, blowing up when too close to the player.

This is impressive, as it shows that the Mole Miners are still somewhat humanoid, able to domesticate creatures in the wasteland. With both creatures inhabiting the underground, it would make sense that they would work together.

8. First Encountered By Fire Breathers

Players are able to find a note that describes the first encounter humans had with the creatures. A member of the Fire Breathers describes in a note how his squad fought against Mole Miners and killed all of the ones they found.

It is interesting to be able to witness -- even if it was through a note -- the experience of discovering a new creature after the nuclear war. After this, Mole Miners must have become a normal sighting through West Virginia.

7. They Can Only Speak One Phrase

Mole Miners were once humans, so it would be expected that they could speak a few phrases. Before Patch 8.5, this was not the case. This patch made it possibly to hear Mole Miners say the phrase, "Take that!"

This shows that the Mole Miners are either too mutated to speak anymore or they have developed their own language. This is interesting too, as there is a Mole Miner who can act as a merchant.

6. All But One Are Hostile

Going off of the last subject, all but one of Mole Miners are hostile towards the player. Purveyor Murmrgh is a Mole Miner that has set up a shop and can sell to the player. The other Mole Miners will always attack the player on sight.

Purveyor Murmrgh was added to Fallout 76 as part of the Wild Appalachia update and will sell legendary items to the player. Because of this merchant, we are also able to see what the Mole Miners look like without worrying about being shot at.

5. Treasure Hunting Mole Miners Added

The treasure hunter variant of the Mole Miner was added as part of the Treasure Hunter community event. They can be found by the sound their radios make, which sounds like Morse code. This creatures will always flee, but killing them will give the player some valuable loot.

When killed, this variant will drop a miner pail, which when opened will give the player a unique reward. These Mole Miners could be found in the Ash Heap, giving different levels of miner pails.

4. Radiation Affects Some Miners

Mutating into a new creature wasn't enough, some Mole Miners are affected even more by radiation. Like glowing ones, some Mole Miners will glow green because of radiation.

Unlike glowing ones, these Mole Miners do not glow when they are out in the sun. This allows the players to see these creatures in dark areas, giving them the advantage.

3. Led By Old Foremen

Mole Miners are often found in groups, and these groups can be led by either an enemy called a Supervisor or a Foreman. This is a reference to when they were miners and they took orders from these individuals. It would seem like one aspect of their past life is still there.

A Supervisor is stronger than a Foreman, but both are powerful foes. Regular Mole Miners can be found following these individuals around, waiting for orders.

2. Looting Mole Miners Starts Repeatable Quest

Mole Miners keep a key on them that can open a locker from their human days. Differing supplies are found in these lockers, but XP is always given when completed. The nice thing is, looting a key off another Mole Miner will give players this quest again.

It is a bit sad to think that these creatures are carrying a key from their past life. Looting the locker will give the player any of the supplies the Mole Miner had before they were mutated.

1. They Usually Live Underground

For the most part, Mole Miners can be found around the mines that they once worked in. Despite this, the creatures can also be found in groups around the map. When going to underground areas or dark areas, the player can expect to find at least one Mole Miner.

This can be expected, as they were once miners. Paired with being underground, Mole Miners can be found with the mole rats that they have domesticated. Extra caution should be taken when around the mines of Appalachia.


thought this was pretty interesting...i knew most of it but did learn some new stuff too

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crazy! and weird lol

so they were old cole miners then?



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Ah ha! So thats where you guys get your legenedary stuff from :roll:

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