Ladies: Help Your Beauticians During COVID Emergency

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posted on 4/23/20 at 09:44 PM

If your go-to spot sells products, now?s a great time to buy some. ?We're fulfilling and shipping product orders every day,? says Rachel Hinds Liverman, co-founder and CEO of Glowbar, a facial spa in NYC. ?We know it's not the same as an in-person treatment, but we can help advise on solutions until you can get back in for a treatment.?

Not everyone will have products ready for purchase on their website, so send them an email or direct message if you don?t see a ?shop? option on their site.

I have been in touch with mine by text and FB with my colorists and stylist. She told me that the best way to help at this time is to buy their pre-package hair care and touch-up kits.

Most of them are guaranteeing no-contact deliveries.

Many other stylists and beauty professionals are offering similar items for purchase to help them stay in business during the COVID-19 so they'll still be there for us AFTER the pandemic.

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