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HOW TO: Use XMB Forum

Welcome BFG gamers! Many of you have probably used a message board/forum/community/BBS (and other names) before. Some have probably even used the same software our community runs - XMB Forum - before.

But if you haven't, getting started might seem a bit confusing.

Before we start, I'm going to assume you already have a user account. If not, don't worry, Go ahead and register now and then come back to this topic.

The Basics

OK, so you have an account and you're ready to make your first post or topic. On XMB forum (and other message boards), topics are also called "threads" while posts are sometimes called "replies."

For the purpose of this write-up and our specific community software, thread and topic are interchangeable. Post and reply are also interchangeable.

To get started, you might want to head over to our Introductions Forum and post a New Topic there. Don't worry too much about what you write, just a quick "Hello" and a short introduction will work fine.

Now that you've made your first post

BFG is a relatively new community, but we're very active! There is usually someone online, and most of our members visit daily. Other members of our community will see your new topic soon enough, and leave you a reply. Feel free to reply to them as you see fit. To do this, you can either use the "quick reply" box at the bottom of your topic or click our "New Reply" button at the top right-hand corner of your topic.

While we're on the subject of Topics/Threads and Replies/Posts, you should know that all members (including you) receive points that can be used in our store to buy forum perks, BFG swag and other real life merchandise! But more on this later... For now, lets continue on with our basic introduction.

Customizing your profile

Now that you've introduced yourself, you may want to customize your profile so you stand out and to help convey your digital personality to others. You may have already noticed other members with pictures under their username, signatures and other customization you may not yet have.

Go ahead and open this link up in a new tab: Mem CP

The page at this link is the Member Control Panel. This lets you edit your personal profile, add a signature, add an avatar, change your password and virtually any other account related function.

Let's go ahead and set your first avatar. Go ahead and click the "Edit Profile" option within your Member CP (Here is a link)

Scroll down to where it says "Avatar" and click on the upload button. From the uploads page, you can put an image on our server and use it as your own profile avatar. You can also use an image hosted on someone else's site if you'd like. But once you've done this, go ahead and copy the URL to your image you just uploaded and paste it back in the "Avatar" field within your Member CP->Edit Profile page. You should get a green "Avatar OK" indicator when you paste the URL. If you don't, your image might be too large and you'll need to shrink it or choose another one.

Feel free to fill in other profile fields while you're in here.

When you're done, go ahead and click "Edit Profile" at the bottom of the page.

OK - so you have topics/replies down, what about forums?

A forum is an individual container that holds a collection of topics. A topic is a container that holds posts. Make sense? Each post/reply is part of a topic/thread which is part of a forum. There are multiple forums in our community - and all these forums together make up the content section of our community!

It is our members that make up our community & content!


Since we're talking about members, it might help to introduce forum staff.

Some members of the community are selected to help us run the site, moderate content, perform housekeeping tasks and generally keep our community running smoothly.

Moderator: A moderator is a staff member who maintains a specific forum (or sometimes more than one individual forum).

Super Moderator: A super moderator is a senior staff member who is responsible for maintaining all forums in the community and ensuring member's uploads meet our community standards.

Administrators/Super Administrators: There are key differences between both types of administrators, but for the purpose of this introduction post, it helps to think of them as super moderators with responsibilities of maintaining all forums in our community. They have other important responsibilities too, but you'll undoubtedly find out more about those later!

In any case, if you need help or have any questions, any member of our staff will gladly assist you in any way possible.

What about private messaging?

Sometimes called DMs (direct messages) or U2U (user to user messages), this system lets you contact other members privately. You can locate the link in your top right-hand corner, where you login/out and can register. You'll also find your Member CP link here as well as the "U2U" link. If you click the U2U link, your messenger will open in a smaller window. You can click here to access the U2U system as well, but it won't be in a properly formatted window.

What to read about more advanced topics? - This topic explains the "BB Code" system, which is a way you can format your threads/posts and use other features like inserting quotes, links, images and so on - This one explains our Points system in more detail. It tells you what points are, how to earn points, and how you can lose points. It also talks about our store, which is currently under active development and is expected within a day or two of this topic being posted. - This thread explains the stars you may see under posts (including your own) and what they're used for/how to use them

A quick mention of our community standards AKA "rules"

Because we are all mature individuals (presumably), our rules are extremely simple:

1) Don't excessively spam the forums. We all know what spam is. Don't be disruptive with it.

2) Don't terrorize or harass others. Trolling is not considered harassment/terrorizing.

3) No illegal content. It could get the site shut down so we have to do something about illegal content. Don't even try it - your shit will just get deleted anyhow and you'll probably be banned.

4) Profanity is fine. Don't disrupt discussions with excessive and unnecessary use of it though. An example of this is a post consisting entirely of profanity that serves no practical purpose.

5) Do not discuss politics or argue about current events.

6) Images wider than 500px must be resized per This Policy Update. If you don't want to resize an image, post just the link instead.

And that's it. Profanity is fine. Posting links to your personal website is fine. Linking to your gaming streams is fine - send us the link and we'll even include it on our forum index for you.

Anything else

If you have any questions at all, you can reach out to me directly ( or any forum staff member. You can also post a new topic in our Site Operations Forum and ask for help.

We expect to post more "HOW TO" topics like this one. This topic may also be edited as new features are added, so check back often!

[Edited on 5-5-2020 by Dave]

Updated rules section to include political discussion & oversized images.

[Edited on 8-11-2020 by Dave]

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