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posted on 5/17/20 at 01:43 AM

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Aside from Challenges, what other activities will increase my S.C.O.R.E.?
A: In Season 1, you will also be able to earn S.C.O.R.E. regularly by gaining XP, and by completing Public Events. Nuclear Winter Daily Challenges will also grant S.C.O.R.E. in addition to their other rewards. With future Seasons, we plan to grant S.C.O.R.E. through other methods as well, such as through new repeatable content.

Q: How long will it take to rank up?
A: Each rank-up should take between one and two hours of play time, with earlier ranks taking closer to one hour, and later ranks nearing two.

Q: If Daily and Weekly Challenges no longer award Atoms, will I still earn the same amount in the new system?
A: There are fewer Atoms overall up for grabs in this new system, but you will still earn them as you increase your Season rank, as well as from our Lifetime Challenges, such as Character, Combat, Social, Survival, and World Challenges. As a result, you will still be able to save up Atoms for Atomic Shop items, but you will now also directly unlock lots of new items, including cosmetics for your characters, like Power Armor Paints, Weapon Skins, C.A.M.P. items, and more by ranking up. This wasn?t possible with the existing Challenge system, and we feel that Seasons in many ways offer much more value for your play time as a result.

Q: Are Season rewards exclusive to Season progression, or will I be able to get them in other ways?
A: The rewards are limited during a Season to the players who earn them through progression, and we are exploring other ways we may make certain rewards available in the future.

Q: Will items that were previously available in the Atomic Shop be added as Season Rewards?
A: We don?t currently have plans to make past Atomic Shop items available as Season Rewards other than consumables, like Scrap Kits, but we will let you know if those plans change.

Q: Can I unlock all 100 Season Ranks using Atoms?
A: Yes. After a new Season has been available for two weeks you will be able unlock ranks individually, in the order that you would normally progress through them, by spending 150 Atoms per rank. You can do this as many times as you like, including purchasing all of the ranks in that Season.

We can?t wait to start Season 1 with you this Summer, and we?re incredibly excited to implement all of the new features, systems, and events outlined in our 2020 Roadmap! We?re planning to bring you on an even deeper dive into the new Seasons system, including information about Season 1 rewards, as we get closer to Update 20. Be sure to keep an eye on to catch those details as soon as they are announced.


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posted on 5/17/20 at 01:49 AM

Thanks for posting this it clears up some ?'s about seasons

So when does it all start again?

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posted on 5/17/20 at 01:50 AM

nice i cant wait to check this out


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posted on 5/17/20 at 02:59 PM

Notice BOS is returning in Winter season :cool: Cant wait for my boys to make it back



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